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Welcome to the home of the next generation of stars! We're known for our amazing sets, fabulous crew, and phenomenal stars in training! So check us out and maybe join? Ta - Ta for now, loves!

Hey Guys!

I’m thinking our opening day of the show will be Friday! Just a warning, so tell me if that doesn’t work and we’ll try to change it.


Here’s Our Cast List!

  • Puck - Leonardo Fox
  • Oberon - Antoine Moreaux
  • Titania - Eudora Rana
  • Lysander - Dominic Frost
  • Nick Bottom - Benjamin Radcliffe
  • Hermia - Melody Triton
  • Helena - Shawn Pan

Hey guys!

Our Cast List will be posted TOMORROW! Probably around 11am PST! Watch out everyone!

baby-pan inquired:
Ricky: Hey Annie, am I still a part of the Club?

Yeah, everyone who was last year still is! I just may have gotten lazy and not updated!


In case you wanted to see the poster…

It’s time, my Thespians!

For you to audition for our fall production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

So I want all of you to come and audition right here! (x)

Love, Annabelle Lightyear xx

Drama Club President

baby-pan inquired:
I want to try theater, when is Audition? I think I want to be Hermia or Tatiana

We are setting up Auditions right now! We’ll announce when its open, hun!

Happy 2013-2014 SHOW SEASON!

Hello WDA Students! 

As a new school year rolls around, we get to announce our new shows for this year! 

For the Fall Play, We have been talking and we have come to a decision…

Our Fall Play will be 'Midsummer's Night Dream' By William Shakespeare! Our director will be me, Annabelle Lightyear!

Thank you!

Annie xx



Name: Antoine Moreaux

Age: Eighteen

Any experiance?: I uh directed the last play if that counts? I would assume it does.

Special Skills?: I can direct, some what. Uh I don’t honestly know if I have any other special skills.